Sky Restoration understands the complexities of commercial roofing. With more than 80 years of combined industry experience in commercial projects and as certified applicator by major roofing manufacturers, we deliver expert services for any low or steep slope commercial roofing system while ensuring a minimal impact on your business daily operations.


Highly specialized and skilled professionals will assess the damage to determine the scope of the repairs and will assist you with your insurance claim process. With years of experience working with property owners, facility managers and with insurance companies, Sky Restoration is one of the top insurance claim specialists in the nation. We will take the load off your hands and will engage in the restoration process with the urgency that is required so that you can resume your business operations swiftly.


Sky Restoration has been working with roofing contractors, home builders, general contractors and developers for years to provide them with the best possible solutions for their projects across the nation. From housing plans to industrial facilities or institutional buildings, Sky Restoration has more than 25 years of combined industry experience in roofing services.

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Preventive maintenance and repairs by experienced and skilled labor is the key to continuous operations and operating cost reduction. Sky Restoration has the most advanced equipment in infrared technology for leak investigation and repairs. We offer maintenance programs to extend the life of your commercial roof and to extend manufacturer’s warranties.


Emergency Response Team will assist you if need arises. Sky Restoration knows how critical it is to quickly respond to urgent situations and to prepare an emergency solution that would allow your business to continue its operations with minimal disruption. The Emergency Response Team is a premium service that Sky Restoration provides as part of our Service and Maintenance Program to commercial property owners, facility operators and institutional entities.


Coating will extend the life of the roof, reduce heat transfer and will help mitigate leaks. Almost all types of roofs can be coated. As a certified applicator for the best manufacturers of coating products, Sky Restoration will provide you with the best possible solutions for your roofing needs. Roof coatings are easy to install, reducing costs, and can add 25 years to the service life.